Indian tricolour to be hoisted in Niagara falls on August 15

The Indian tricolour will be hoisted for the first time ever at the iconic Canadian landmark of Niagara Falls to mark Independence Day this year.

The ceremony at the globally-famous scenic spot will be part of celebrations that will take place across the country. Given the current restrictions in place due to the pandemic, many of the regular events will now migrate online, including the traditional hoisting of the flag at the Indian High Commission in Ottawa and the Consulates in Toronto and Vancouver.

The flag will also be featured at other significant Canadian locations, including over the 553 metre high CN Tower, the most striking building in the skyline of Canada’s largest city, Toronto. Another quintessential landmark in the city, the three-dimensional Toronto sign near City Hall in Toronto will be illuminated in the colours of the Indian flag.

These displays will continue through the weekend, as the flag raising at Niagara will take place on the evening of August 15, while the flag will flutter over CN Tower on Sunday, while the Toronto sign will stay illuminated over both evenings.

India’s Consul General to Toronto Apoorva Srivastava said, “It is a matter of great pride that this Independence Day, iconic locations like Niagara Falls, CN Tower and the Toronto sign will be illuminated in Indian tricolour.”

Each year, Toronto witnesses the signature event for the community in the country, the India Day Parade. Last year, it attracted a crowd of a record 85,000 at its downtown venue. However, given measures prohibiting the gathering of large numbers of people due to the coronavirus crisis, this event will occur virtually this year, which will be streamed live. While the event featured floats from various states and community groups in the past, this year, it will showcase 10-minute videos comprising the culture and cuisine of the various parts of India, as part of a virtual Parade.

Another virtual event to mark the occasion of Independence Day, Taste of India, also took place in the digital sphere this year, and featured cuisine from different parts of India as well a recipes from celebrity chefs.

Srivastava said these events have been planned ‘keeping in mind the safety regulations and social distancing.” She also said there will be a symbolic planting of 74 saplings in Brampton, a city in the Greater Toronto Area, followed by a rally which will feature cars displaying the India flag.

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