Why did Rajkummar CHANGE His Mind On Marriage?

Rajkummar Rao has been dating Bengali actress Patralekhaa Paul even before their careers took off.

When Subhash K Jha asked the actor (this was when he spelt his name with one ‘m’) when he intended to marry Patralekhaa, he had said, “No marriage for a long time. She has just started her career, and I am not ready for the institution of marriage. I respect the institution, but it’s not for me. We are happy to be together.”

How did they meet?

“She is a wonderful girl and I didn’t have to pretend to be smart and witty to win her. I was just being myself. Our relationship grew with time and it was a very organic process for us to fall for each other. We took around a year to know each other before we started dating,” he had said.

When asked about marriage more recently, Rao had said, “Of course, we’ll get married eventually but we haven’t given this matter much thought. Marriage would just be an extension of our relationship. We’ve been together for many years. We don’t talk about marriage. We don’t see the need. When we do, we will get married. I do believe in the institution of marriage and we will get married when we are ready.”

Well, the time to get married is finally here.

After an engagement ceremony over the weekend, Rajkummar and Patralekhaa will tie the knot on November 15 in Chandigarh, a ceremony attended only by the bride and groom’s family and close friends.

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