Walden Closed: Rana Shares Fond Memories

There are some peculiar upmarket book stores in Hyderabad like Walden, Crossword, Odyssey and Himalaya, where they sell from stationery to novels, imported art material to latest world books. Especially the 90s kids are huge favourites of these stores as there are no online sellers like Amazon and Flipkart back then.

Recently an incident that has upset many of these age-old book lovers is the shutdown of Walden store. While the stores of this book house at Banjara Hills and Gachibowli are getting operated, their Begumpet store (the first one actually) got shutdown. Many people are said to have paid their last visit as well to this store where they brought everything from erasers to comic books.

With Walden MD Ram Prasad sharing “With A Heavy Heart & Wonderful Memories, Today We Bid Adieu.. To Our Begumpet Branch Of Walden Bookstore”, actor Rana Daggubati also responded with a heavy heart.

“Ramu uncle we share the same feeling. Walden is a huge part of my childhood. A part of most things I know today. Couldn’t imagine growing up without it. Heartbreaking. More power to you and the other branches” he wrote on Twitter, sharing the news.

Not just the Baahubali star, but many Hyderabadi would not be able to imagine how they have grown up without this book store in their childhood.

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