Tollywood, Are You Noticing Kumari?

Pinning all the hopes on the 24 Kisses she has given to a relatively unpopular hero, Mumbai girl Hebah Khaleed Patel is struggling to get her foot right in Tollywood at the moment. The ‘Kumari 21 F’ star is trying her level best to create buzz around her.

Every heroine these days is taking this ‘only’ path to make their presence felt and it is none other than posting their hottest pictures on Instagram. While Samantha started this trend, the likes of Kajal Agarwal and Disha Patani took it no next level. And now, Hebah has also joined this bandwagon.

Posing in a yellow coloured outfit, here comes the dusky siren giving a peek of her terrific curves. And as her beautiful charms are finding it tough to adjust in that free flowing dress, one could understand how Hebah is projecting herself right now.

Well, we have to see if someone will give her a break. Are you noticing her Tollywood?

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