Telugu actor says he was raped as a child: ‘Teach your men to be nice’

A Telugu actor has shared in a series of tweets that he was sexually assaulted as a child. The actor, who has worked in multiple big ticket films, shared the messages with his followers on January 20.

“I was raped during childhood. I don’t know what else to say about my grief, except for this, because this is what I seek to know about myself. Everything hurts,” he wrote. “I live with the crime perpetrated upon me. There is never justice. Only momentary relief. Teach your men to be nice. Be brave and break societal conditioning. Be nice,” he added.

The actor’s revelations were met with messages of support from his industry colleagues. “I will never be able to understand the trauma you went throught even if I try now. I can’t do anything too. But want to just say, stay strong. You have come out of every shit and handled it best to your capacity. You are a fighter. Love you brother,” wrote one. “Not sure what to say. But glad you can speak about it now. Wishing you more courage and power,” read another message.

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Later, the actor shared another tweet to thank everyone for their support and be more aware of their child’s security. “Thank you all for the tremendous support. Your kind words have helped me more than anything else. I request all of you to closely guard your children and look out for sudden behaviour changes- they aren’t equipped with enough skills to communicate the horrors they survive,” he wrote.

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