Swara Bhasker says she respects Prasoon Joshi too much to believe he could misunderstand Rasbhari scene

Actor Swara Bhasker has said she cannot believe that Prasoon Joshi didn’t understand the true meaning of a scene in her new show, Rashbhari, before slamming it in public. Swara told journalist Rajeev Masand that she hopes that everybody watches the show to understand the context in which the scene in question was shows.

“It’s never a good idea to analyse a whole show or a film with one clip without context,” she said. “It’s never a good idea to comment on anything without context, because context is everything. The purpose of the scene is to demonstrate how adults and society sexualises children, and the second thing is how subcontinental parenting we give our girls and boys different values.”


In the scene, highlighted by Joshi as ‘irresponsible’, a child is made to dance before a crowd. Swara continued, “I cannot believe Prasoon sir didn’t understand the meaning of the scene. He’s one of our finest writers, he’s given us some of our finest work. I have too much respect and regard for him to believe that he didn’t understand what that scene meant.”

Swara, who is no stranger to controversy, said that especially after the 2019 elections, she was impacted professionally because of her vocal opinions on politics. She said, “I lost a couple of brands because they were like ‘we want non-political people’, and nobody has said it to my face, but a lot of producers who are well-wishers have said, ‘You’re developing a reputation of being a troublemaker’.”

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She added, “Some of the people who support my ideology and stand for the same values that I do, I think that they, too, feel that they can’t cast me.” With the disclaimer that she doesn’t want to be perceived as ‘arrogant’, she said, “It doesn’t matter if I have a release or not, I’m always in the news. The media is always willing to talk to me and give me space. I haven’t had a release since November 2018. I wish I was less in the news, frankly.”

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