Sunny Leone-Rannvijay on relationships ending post Splitsvilla: More to it than just finding love

Splitsvilla X3 hosts Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha talk about the new season, why none of the relationships forged during the show survive and what takes to have a happy dating life.

Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha are back to spread the love with Splitsvilla X3. The popular dating reality show on MTV promises to double the fun and challenges, as contestants across the country fight to find love.

The hosts, who also act as cupids and mentors in the show, recently chatted exclusively with about the new season, why none of the relationships formed in the show survive and what it takes to have a happy dating life.

Excerpts from the conversation…

What new will we see in Splitsvilla X3?

Sunny: We touched upon a lot of topics that are important for today’s generation. Also, it was absolutely amazing to shoot again after the lockdown. The contestants, after being masked and locked for so long, were set free in Splitsvilla

Rannvijay: Absolutely, during the lockdown, most of them hadn’t met friends, been to college and work. And hence the excitement among contestants this season was way more. Given we have some amazing date setups, these kids really got to spend some quality time. Also, through Greek mythology, we found out that cupid has two arrows- silver and gold. While silver is all about trading the water, attractions and checking compatibility, gold is about commitment. So for the first time, Splitsvilla will be divided into two- villas the silver and gold. And contestants will get a chance to find their matches from either sides. I really feel glad that we got to do this amid the pandemic. We were blessed as we were in a bio bubble, and everyone had tested negative, so we could all go out and enjoy ourselves.

The season’s trailer talks about being naughty and nice. What according to you works in a relationship?

Rannvijay: I think it’s both. You have to be nice to get away with being naughty. Also, being just nice can be boring sometimes. And only naughty is also not fun, so a twist of nice there adds more excitement.

Sunny: Someone recently told me that the idea of dating someone nice is not appealing anymore. It’s the grey area that people are attracted to. You have this gentleman, who you know will take care of you and can be fun and exciting too — that is what makes dating fun. As for men, I think they too necessarily do not want goody two shoes. They also want someone who has a voice and opinions. So I think it’s the healthy balance that’s important in a relationship.



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What makes you guys come back to Splitsvilla?

Sunny: Rannvijay is a very big reason for sure. It’s really a great workation each time, and I think this year, it was one of the best family trips that we ever had. It was for an extended time, and my husband, kids and even my team, everyone was around. It was a great family time plus exciting work too.

Rannvijay: We are very close, and the best part is that our families have also grown quite close. Every time we are in talks for Splitsvilla, I keep my fingers crossed so that we both can be together in it. There’s no one hotter or more beautiful than Sunny and she is quite secure in her place. We have kind of found a balance where we know how our partner in crime will react. Even when we are quite tired, we pull each other’s legs, and that keeps the energy going.

None of the relationships from the show managed to survive. Does that act as a bummer for you both, since you invest so much time being a dating mentor?

Sunny: They are young, teenagers or in their early twenties and you cannot expect them to say, ‘hey I have found my life partner’. It’s more about experiencing things and finding yourself. This season, there was a contestant, who out of nowhere turned into Speedy Gonsalves, and aced all tasks. When I see someone like her, I feel mission accomplished, for we gave them an experience they never had. Splitsvilla is beyond than just finding love.

Rannvijay: There have been couples who have seen each other for a while post the show. And that’s actually the length of relationships that youth have in their life. I feel contestants from reality shows can actually end up together is because they both have seen similarly tough challenges and understand how to overcome turmoil. Look at Varun and Divya or even Prince and Yuvika.



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We have seen the ‘Oracle’ choosing ideal matches on Splitsvilla, who according to you is an ideal match?

Sunny: I think it all comes down to being compatible and having understanding and trust. Also, the biggest thing is having respect, especially the way you speak to each others. Using the right word can is very important. Also, your partner would never want to hurt you or cause you pain or mental stress. I think nothing beats it when you marry your best friend.

Rannvijay: Respect, as Sunny said and also I think your morals should be similar. Prianka and I are very different personalities and that keeps the relationship exciting, as we learn from each other. But primarily, our principles are aligned. Also, two people should have a lot of fun together.

Starting March 6, Splitsvilla X3 will air every Saturday, 7 pm on MTV.

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