Subtitlist Rekhs says ‘2.0’ team has not paid her for Rajinikanth-Shankar film

The veteran and her team have worked on over 500 south Indian films in all regional languages

Subtitlist Rekhs is well-known to Tamil audiences across the world. For over a decade now, Rekhs and her team have worked on over 500 films from south India to reach national and global audiences. Directors and producers of southern regional films have always been full of praise for Rekhs for her professionalism.

Now, the veteran in the subtitling field has taken to social media to allege that her team has not still got paid for their work done on Shankar and Rajinkanth’s 2.0.

Tagging Lyca Productions in the tweet, Rekhs said that her team had handed over all the reels of both languages in good faith to the makers, but they had not responded to her calls or e-mails.


The film released in late 2018, and is touted to be one of the most expensive Indian films ever made.

Rekhs also posted that she approached Sun Pictures for the same issue, but got no solution from them. However, she stated that she had immense respect for Rajinikanth as well as director Shankar — who had paid her during her work for Nanban —and that she doesn’t hold them responsible.

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