Step Inside Guru Randhawa’s Home

“Home is everything to me,” says Guru Randhawa, whose house is located in one of the quieter neighborhoods in Delhi.

The singer, who grew up in a village in Punjab, tells us that he’s here to ‘serve music’.

He’s fond of mirrors, and they make interesting designs in his home.

In the fifth season of Asian Paints’ Where the Heart Is, we take you inside Guru Randhawa’s home.

Please click on the images for a look at Guru Randhawa’s home.


IMAGE: Guru’s home is filled with pieces of art that he has brought back from his travels around the world.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Asian Paints


IMAGE: No matter where he is in the world, he is always eager to come back to his beautiful home.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Asian Paints

Guru Randhawa takes us through his home, and tells us what he absolutely loves!


IMAGE: Music is his passion, and something that he says he will always be a part of.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Asian Paints




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