Sarileru Is Best Decision I Took in My Career: Mahesh Babu

Superstar Mahesh Babu has wore a heart on his sleeve. He has opened up on his much awaited Sarileru Neekevvaru and divulged so many unknown details. Excerpts from Mahesh’s interview about Sarileru Neekevvaru which is releasing on Jan 11th for Sankranthi.

Genesis Of Sarileru Neekevvaru

I have been doing a lot of serious films like Srimanthudu, Bharat Ane Nenu and Maharshi which are all script oriented. I have been wanting to do an entertaining film like Dookudu. But again, it has to be different from Dookudu with different timing. Anil Ravipudi has met me during Maharshi shoot and gave 40 minutes narration about Sarileru. I had liked it. He was shooting for F2 then. I had asked Anil Ravipudi whether he could wait as I wanted to finish Maharshi to which he had agreed. Later, I had watched F2 with my kids and family in my home theatre. The film was totally hilarious. I had never seen my kids Sitara and Gautam laughing like that. I too laughed so much. I had told Namrata to talk to Anil Ravipudi. Namrata had asked Anil whether is it okay for him to start the film early and Anil was super kicked about starting the film early. Anil had met me again and I asked him whether 3 months is enough for him to fine tune the script to which Anil said it is very much enough. Anil had come up with the script and we had gone to the shoot on July 4 and the shoot has been completed on December 18.

Anil gave me a full narration of the film on July 2nd. It was 3 hour narration right before our Kashmir schedule from July 4. Kashmir schedule really helped me. It was like a warm-up for me. I liked the script so much. But initially I was a bit hesitant on how to do this different-type of comedy. I knew fans wanted to see new dimension in me.

New Mahesh Babu!

When you finish doing several films over the years, an actor gets maturity which stops him or her doing different. Expressions would be more matured and subtle. I had unlearnt a lot to do this role in Sarileru Neekevvaru. One will see a new Mahesh Babu in the film. Sarileru Neekevvaru is the best decision I have taken in my entire acting career.

On Anil Ravipudi

I strongly believe a director holds the energy of a set. Nobody else. Not even the hero. From morning 7 AM till pack-up time in the evening, it is director’s energy which carries through out the day. This is I found in my 20 years of acting.

Wearing Lungi

I had never wore so many Lungis in my career for a film. In Pokiri, it was only one Lungi. Sarileru Neekevvaru is totally fresh. Fans have never seen me like this before. It is going to be a new and different experience to them altogether.

About Vijay Shanthi

The total credit for convincing Vijay Shanthi goes to director Anil Ravipudi. He is main responsible for her to do this film. Right from the beginning, he had told me that Vijay Shanthi would do this role. I kept asking him whether she would agree to do it. He had promised me that he would get her on board. The first day I met Vijay Shanthi garu on the sets of Sarileru Neekevvaru was after 30 years. 30 years ago we both shot for Koduku Diddina Kapuram movie. But it didn’t feel like long gap. It just felt like the previous day we shot for Koduku Diddina Kapuram. It’s a great working with her again. I wish to do more movies with Vijay Shanthi ma’am.

Rashmika Mandanna

She is from new generation. Right from the first day, she gelled well and gave her best. I think, new actors have this advantage. Their performance has freshness. We consciously wanted some fresh heroine. I think Rashmika is so apt.

Devi Sri Prasad’s Music

Devi Sri Prasad is a great music director. He knows the best. For the particular song Mind Block, he got the pulse of masses so well. Anil Ravipudi didn’t give me an option (laughs). He mounted pressure on me. Both Devi and Anil had made me listen to the song in my car. Initially, I laughed listening to the song whether I could pull it off. But the song is so good that made me dance in a different way. The song has come out very well. My fans will enjoy it in theatres.

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