Samantha’s Reaction On Rumours Upsets Producer?

Despite the fact that Samantha’s upcoming film “Oh Baby” has locked July 5th as the release date, there are various rumours being heard about the movie. One of them is that producer Suresh Babu is unhappy with the movie’s final output.

When the film is a remake of a Korean original, anyone will be surprised to see as to why Suresh Babu will be unhappy with the output. Going by the trailer of the film, we have to say that Nandini Reddy has perhaps done a commendable job only. There seems to be no truth in the rumour, but here is why Suresh got upset.

According to the grapevine, the moment Samantha heard of this rumour published on few websites, she’s said to have to send SMS to her uncle Suresh, asking him if he is really unhappy with the film. Though the Daggubati producer has confirmed he has no such issues, Samantha is said to be messaging him daily over the rumours.

We hear that Suresh has asked his PR team to take stock of the rumours as they are creating rifting between Samantha and him.

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