Salman Khan says dad Salim Khan would ‘shoot him’ as a troll claims their farmhouse is a ‘den of vice’

Salman Khan answered mean comments as brother Arbaaz Khan hosted him on the show, Pinch 2.

Actor Salman Khan appeared on the Season 2 premiere of his brother Arbaaz Khan’s show, Pinch. In this show, Arbaaz reads out mean and offensive tweets to his guest, and they react to it. Salman responded to trolls attacking him for being ‘fake’, alleging he had a wife tucked away in Dubai, his films, lifestyle and refusal to take part in affairs that affect the country.

Salman Khan says he tweets and doesn’t bother about the reactions after that. “When I post, I don’t see the likes or dislikes or the comments. I did what I had to do. The reaction is your choice.” Arbaaz Khan read out tweets that accused of him being a god. “I don’t think of myself as a god. This [person’s issue] has something to do with loyalty. I hope it’s that. They must be a fan of someone else, and so loyal as a fan to Aamir Khan, or Shah Rukh Khan or Akshay Kumar.”

Another user had said that he was well-settled, owing to the box-office successes and that he ‘had stolen’ their money. Salman answered, “Paisa nahin churaya hai, dil churaye honge (I haven’t stolen money, just stolen hearts).”

Salman responded to a user who insulted his acting prowess, saying that it’s ‘dikhawe-wale acting’ (showing off). Salman answered, “Theek hai, aap bhi kar lo. Dikhawe wale acting mein bhi na ek bohot bada seena aur bohot bada gurda chahiye hota hai (Okay, then you do it too. Even to show off, you need a big heart and courage).”

One tweet read, “Apni family apni, but doosron ki emotions kuch bhi nahin (You only care about your family, not anyone else’s emotions).” Salman responded, “Correct. But, we do everything we can for other’s families, and we do it from our own money. It goes from our acting salaries. We do a lot, that they might not be aware of.”

Even Salman’s farmhouse wasn’t spared, as one user said that it shouldn’t be a farmhouse, but a zila (district). Salman clarified, “That isn’t just my farmhouse, it belongs to Arpita. We are so many people that it can be a zila as it hosts our extremely extended family.”

Their farmhouse was even called ‘aiyashi ka adda’, or a den of vice, so Salman said, “Inhone mere post ke andar aisa kya dekh liya, jo ki humara ghar hai, unko aiyashi ka adda kaise lag raha hai (What did they see in my post that my house looks like a den of vice to them)?” He added, ”There’s no chance, because my father would shoot us both.”

Others wondered why he wasn’t ageing, and that seeing his videos could give one a slip disc. “I’m also scared of slip disc, hurting my ankle, or head,” Salman laughed. He was flattered when someone called him a 50-year-old boy.

There was a question regarding why he decided to pose shirtless for his Being Human winter collection. Answering this, Salman said, “Everyone promotes with winter collection. At that time, it hadn’t come. It was still summer and I had to pose…” both him and Arbaaz started laughing, and Arbaaz said, “This was your advanced logic?”

Salman had a warning to give the youth who practically thrive on social media. He appreciated those who used it in the ‘right’ way to get ahead in life, rather than those who just spend time and spew negativity. He also said that even if 90 per cent people trashed him on social media, but only ten per cent appreciated him, he would still post for the minority.

Of course, it’s known that Salman has an astounding fan-base, which is why he wasn’t too rattled about the negativity on social media. There were several loving and positive comments for Salman as well, as many praised him for being a family man, and for being a ‘beautiful person’. Salman was flattered and rather baffled at how emotional some of the tweets were.

Arbaaz quizzed him on which celebrity gets dragged into controversial issues of others on social media. The options were Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail Khan and Salim Khan. Without batting an eyelid, Salman took his own name. “And because of me, Arbaaz, Sohail, Salim, Alvira and Arpita Khan get sucked in.”

The show ended with Salman reading out a tweet to Arbaaz that asked him why he never calls Salman bhaiyya. Arbaaz responded, “I’ve always called him Salman, since I was a child. We are only two years apart.” Salman interjected, “We abuse each other a lot, and he abuses more.”

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