Rahul Vaidya’s Bigg Boss 14 journey: Of love and hate

Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya, whom the audience knew as Indian Idol contestant from the first season of the singing reality show, came across as an easy-going man who got worked up when dealing with 'fake' people

After a mediocre start to his journey inside the Bigg Boss 14 house, singer Rahul Vaidya shined and how. Before entering the show, he had said that he “wants the world to know who Rahul Vaidya is, apart from the singer they have seen.” As we look back at his journey, it seems the 33-year-old managed to live up to it.

Rahul, whom the audience knew as Indian Idol contestant from the first season of the singing reality show, came across as an easy-going man who got worked up when dealing with ‘fake’ people. He had his major share of fights with Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla. Apart from Aly Goni, the singer couldn’t connect with anyone on an emotional level, and it was only for this reason that he even decided to take a voluntary exit from the show.

But the singer got a second chance, and he made the best out of it. Today, as Rahul is just a step away from the winner’s title, we look back at the times when he created headlines in Bigg Boss 14.

When Rahul Vaidya brought up nepotism debate




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During one of the nominations task, Rahul picked up on Jaan Kumar Sanu, son of iconic singer Kumar Sanu and nominated him as he ‘hated nepotism’. He accused Jaan of using his father’s name to be a part of TV’s most popular reality show. This led to a huge fight between the two singers. Several other housemates also expressed their displeasure on Rahul’s comment and said it was entirely futile to bring up the issue in the Bigg Boss house. Later, host Salman Khan asked Rahul how is it wrong if his father recommends him to someone?

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When Rahul Vaidya impressed seniors

Amid the Farm Land Task, Rahul did everything he could make his team win. From doing a towel dance for Hina Khan to singing beautiful songs in praise of Gauahar, the singer did it all. The three ‘Toofani Seniors’ were impressed by his spirit towards the game. His dedication towards the tasks continued throughout the duration of the show. Recently, Salman Khan was all praise of Rahul for his brilliant performance.

When the audience got to meet ‘lover boy’ Rahul Vaidya




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On close friend Disha Parmar’s birthday, Rahul proposed to her on national television. He wrote Disha’s name on the front of his t-shirt, and on the back, he wrote ‘Marry me’. He went down on one knee and professed his feelings for his ladylove. After waiting for a reply to his proposal for a long time, Rahul got to finally meet her on Valentine’s day when the Pyaar ka Dard Hai fame accepted his proposal.

Rahul Vaidya’s animosity with Rubina Dilaik



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In the very beginning, Rahul had expressed his dislike for Shakti actor Rubina. He found her to be a person who thought she was always right. He even accused Rubina of having a superiority complex. The two indulged in some of the ugliest fights and never shied away from calling each other ugly names. When media went inside the house, Rahul was questioned for always boarding Rubina “airlines” to hog the limelight. However, Rahul disagreed and said he just happens to have disagreements only with the actor and her husband.

When Rahul Vaidya took a voluntary exit from Bigg Boss 14



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During the mid-season finale, Rahul mentioned that he was feeling homesick. He also shared that he cannot stay away from his family and close friends. Getting quite emotional, Vaidya said that given he has no close bond in the house, he was feeling quite lonely. He chose to thus walk out as he did not want to “cheat” the show and “disappoint” the makers or the audience.

Rahul Vaidya’s friendship with Aly Goni




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The singer managed to build a strong bond with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor Aly Goni. Both of them stood with each other through thick and thin. Despite many efforts by their fellow contestants, Aly and Rahul didn’t let anyone create misunderstandings between them. It was Aly’s exit from the house that made Rahul quit the show.

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