Pic Talk: Samantha Flaunts Her Spicy Best

Breaking the shackles and myths all the time about married heroines, queen bee Samantha Ruth Akkineni always puts her best glamorous foot forward. And other day, she has surprised everyone again with her glamorous treat.

Posing in a deep neck short gown for a cake brand, apparently, Samantha has flaunted her hottest looks yet again. As she oozed loads of sex appeal in that sexy outfit, needless to say, that a strict diet and weight lifting regimen are also getting visible. One has to say that she’s not just hot and spicy, but much fit and curvaceous.

Always filling up her Instagram feed with these hottest poses, Samantha makes sure that she gets all the love from all of her fans showered in a big way. And such spicy looks always makes many men out there jealous of #Chay, isn’t it?

On the other hand, after rejoicing in the success of Majili for a time, the Akkineni daughter in law is now getting ready for Oh Baby release.

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