No Break For Ismart Shankar’s Glamourous Heroines?

Gone are the days where going ultra-glamorous for the silver screen will land you in a pool of opportunities. Sometimes it takes a lot of meetings with directors and heroes, which could be called as a self-marketing, to make sure that one gets lots of offers.

Currently, the two heroes in the discussion are none other than Ismart Shankar fame beauties Nidhi Aggarwal and Nabbha Natesh. These two dazzling divas from other states made sure that the crowds in Telugu states will sway to their mesmerising glamour. Their ravishing treat in Ismart Shankar is something anyone couldn’t forget. But where are the big chances for them?

While Nabha Natesh is working on Raviteja’s Disco Raja which she singed much before she did Ismart Shanakrt, she is yet to get a call from big stars. Same is the case with Nidhi Aggarwal, who hasn’t signed any big movie after the super success of the Puri Jagan directorial.

Well, maybe these two heroines need a couple of films that could prove their acting mettle rather this glamour treat alone, such that they will rise to stardom.

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