New on Amazon Prime: ‘Always Jane,’ ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 and more

A coming-of-age docuseries on transgender teenager Jane Noury, a new season of Taylor Sheridan’s acclaimed western series and a documentary on Pete Buttigieg are the highlights on the platform

Here is the full list of titles releasing this week:

Directed by Jonathan C. Hyde, starring Jane Noury & Gabriel Golam, Always Jane chronicles the journey of the Nouray family as their daughter Jane navigates through the complexities of being a transgender in a world full of social and politial biases. Watch this tale of acceptance from 12th November.

Starring the Maple Leaf team including Auston Matthews, John Tavares & Kyle Dubas, and more members, the docu-series titled All or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs brings fans closer to the Toronto Maple Leafs journey , giving insider access to the players, coaches and fans on Prime Video starting 12th November.

Directed by Jesse Moss, the award-winning documentary Mayor Pete follows Pete Buttigieg as he runs for President of the United States. Ever wondered what really goes on inside a campaign and preparation work for the highest office in the land and ways it changes the lives of those at its center? The Amazon Original chronicles Pete Buttigieg’s journey, from contesting the elections to now serving as the first openly LGBTQ cabinet member in U.S. history. Mayor Pete is on the service from 12th November.

Drama unfolds as two widowers fall in love in their late 60s, will love win against all odds? Watch this emotional rollercoaster titled Jivan Sandhya, directed by Deepak Prabhakar Mandade and starring Ashok Saraf, Kishori Shahane Vij, and Sameer Dharmadhikari, streaming from 9th November.

Directed by Scott Elder, Josh Harmon and and starring a stellar cast including Liam Hemsworth, Sarah Gadon & Christoph Waltz, Most Dangerous Game is an action thriller around the life of a couple; till what extent would you go to make your loved one happy? The title is available for streaming from 12th November.

A detective and a rookie cop team up and solve cases basis the loimited information they receive on urgent voice calls. Starring Lee Hana, Jang Hyuk, Lee Jin-Wook, Yesung, Song Seong-Heon, among others, Voice streams from 11th November.

The award-winning show Yellowstone is back with yet another spectacular season. Directed by Taylor Sheridan & John Linson, starring Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes & Kelly Reilly, watch the modern-day western series and follow the journey of the Dutton family in the fourth season of the well-acclaimed series.

When the son of a respected member of a society gets into trouble all the time, things are bound to get complicated. Will the entry of a gangster set him right? The action-packed Aaradugula Bullet, starring Nayanthara, Prakash Raj and Gopichand, streams on the service from 10th November.

After losing their jobs, a couple is traveling in search of work. Their car breaks down and a family asks them to have lunch. Will they make it out of there alive? Watch the drama The Rose Villa starring Raja Ravindra, Dheekshith Shetty and Swetaa Varma, from 11th November.

Highlights of this week:

Yellowstone (Season 4) – 8th November

Amid shifting alliances, unsolved murders and hard-earned respect, John Dutton, the Dutton family patriarch is set on protecting his ranch and his family’s legacy by going to great lengths.

Jivan Sandhya (Marathi) – 9th November

Jivan Sandhya is an emotional and heartwarming tale that explores the life of two widowed people who find love in their 60’s and get married against their family’s wishes.

Mayor Pete – 12th November

Mayor Pete gives an insider look into the highest political campaign in the United States of America and how it changes the lives of those involved in it, as Pete Buttigieg is preparing to become the youngest president of the U.S., giving an up close and personal insight into the life of Pete, his husband and the zealous team.

Most Dangerous Game – 12th November

Caught in the most unfortunate situation, Dodge Tynes is desperate to look after his wife before a terminal illness takes his life. He accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game and later discovers that he is not the hunter but the prey.

Always Jane (Season 1) – 12th November

The four-part coming-of-age docuseries is an intimate and unguarded look at transgender teenager Jane Noury and her family as she prepares to leave home for college. Navigating deeply personal and challenging issues, the Noury family’s uplifting humor and kindness is always present, revealing the transformative power of acceptance, support, and love.

The Rose Villa – 11th November

After losing their jobs a couple embarks upon a journey in search of new jobs, a peculiar series of incidents transpire as their car reeks down and a family invites them to their home for lunch. Will they make it out alive?

All or Nothing Toronto Maple Leaf (Season 1) – 12th November

An all-access pass into the life and training sessions of Toronto Maple Leaf, the Leafs give a preview into the trials and tribulations of competing in the first all-Canadian division in NHL history as they deal with injuries, setbacks, success, and the looming spectre of COVID-19.

Voice – 11th November

Revolves around an emergency call center and the employees who attempt to fight crime using the limited information they get from the urgent calls they receive.

Aaradugula Bullet – 10th November

Murthy is well respected in Vijaywada, however he is exasperated by his son Shiva, a lost cause without a job and is infamous for provoking unwanted arguments. Things take a 360 degree turn when a beautiful girl Nayana and a fearful don enter their life.

Prime Video Channels Highlights: 

Amazon recently launched Prime Video Channels in India, which offers various streaming services on a single destination, the Amazon Prime Video website and app. Consumers can subscribe and watch a huge library of content from 8 different OTT services.

Into the Wild with Bear Grylls & Vicky Kaushal on Discovery+ (12th November)

Watch as Vicky Kaushal tests his survival skills in the forests of Maldives with ace adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls.

Love Life Season 2 on Lionsgate Play (12th November)

A romantic comedy anthology that showcases the journey of a protagonist from their first love to lasting love..

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