Naagin 5: Surbhi Chandna opens up on her chemistry with Sharad Malhotra; says, ‘We just perform naturally and that creates magic’

Naagin 5 has been loved by the audience. The interesting twists and turns in the show have impressed us all. As per the latest story, Bani and Veer have been released from Shakura, Jay, Mayuri and Shukla’s trap. However, Jay’s truth has still not come in front of Bani and he is still planning to kill Bani and Veer. Jay is trying hard to separate Bani from Veer so that he can kill her and get all her powers. Veer does not want Bani to meet Jay as he knows Jay’s intentions. Veer also reveals his real identity to Bani and shares his story with her. Now, even Bani’s real identity is in front of the cheels and they want to kill her. Bani’s new enemy has also arrived and Jay has already joint hands with the new enemy. However, Surbhi Chandna and Sharad Malhotra’s sizzling chemistry in the recent episode have grabbed our attention.

Since the start, fans have loved #VaNi together. Surbhi Chandna and Sharad Malhotra have been paired for the first time but their chemistry is just amazing. Surbhi Chandna aka Bani recently had gone live on Instagram and fans asked her so many questions about Naagin 5. She was asked about her chemistry with Sharad Malhotra aka Veer. Surbhi Chandna said, “I usually don’t have any answer to such questions. However, a lot of credit goes to the writers who have beautifully written our characters. Then comes the director whose vision of portraying us onscreen makes it even more beautiful and then the credit goes to us (actors) who add a little bit of our experience and creativity. I and Sharad don’t think much and just perform naturally and that’s how it looks magical onscreen.”

Well, Surbhi Chandna and Sharad Malhotra make us fall in love with the show and their chemistry is the highlight of Naagin 5.

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