Maya Erskine, Jack Quaid star in Ben Stiller's Plus One trailer

Summer wedding season is upon us, and that means suffering through several months of watching friends and acquaintances tie the knot and cement their eternal love for the next three months. The new trailer for the Ben Stiller-produced romantic comedy Plus One, however, proposes a lighter approach to navigating the impending stretch of nuptial nightmares: Team up with your wildest college buddy, put on your wingman face, and snatch all the alcohol (and prospective partners at the singles table) within reach.

“I’m going to tee it up for you with the ladies! I’ll set you up so you can do yo thang, you know!” Alice (PEN15 star Maya Erskine) proposes to Ben (Jack Quaid) as they prepare to tackle wedding season together. Judging by the trailer, little does Ben know that, upon agreeing to the plot, he and Alice will end up getting ridiculously hammered, engaging in a series of messy hookups, and perhaps sparking a romance of their own along the way.

Ahead of the film’s world premiere at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, Erskine told EW that bonding with Quaid for her first lead movie role was like testing chemistry on a first date.

“The first time that Jack and I met, we did an escape room [with directors] Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer!” she said. “We bonded. It was very easy!”

Erskine’s PEN15 costar Anna Konkle also has a brief cameo in the film as one of Alice’s frenemies.

“Basically everyone you see in the film is a friend of ours,” Erskine revealed of fellow cast members Beck Bennett, Finn Wittrock, and more. “It was so comforting…. I’ve always wanted to be in a romantic comedy and have a dance scene with someone and have a breakup scene. I’ve always dreamed of those things, and to do that with a great script and with my friends who are all so talented, it was a dream!”

Plus One — also starring Rosalind Chao and Ed Begley Jr. — hits VOD, digital, and select theaters on June 14. Watch the film’s trailer above, and watch EW’s exclusive sneak peek clip from the film here.

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