Mahabharat actor Sourabh Raaj Jain does his bit for mental health awareness – read EXCLUSIVE details

‘Mental Health’ awareness is currently the need of the hour. With changing times and trends, there is more acceptance towards the issue. People are now opening up a lot more about it to help build up solutions on how to deal with it. Taking up the responsibility, actor Sourabh Raaj Jain has decided to do a small initiative to raise awareness. He is talking about mental health and anxiety in an upcoming project. Highlighting the issue of anxiety especially amongst youngsters, Sourabh takes up the role of a psychology professor who reaches out to a student suffering from anxiety to help her out. It is a short film that reflects on mental health issues.

Issues like depression, anxiety and mood disorders are far more common than what people assume. Sourabh Raaj Jain felt that being part of such a project was kind of a personal responsibility. He says, “One of the makers of this short film was cameraman Shivankar, I worked with during Uttaran. When he narrated the story to me and explained me what anxiety can do to a person, I didn’t think twice and. It is crucial in the times we are living in. I went ahead to be a part of this. I felt I should do it as more of a social responsibility.”

The pandemic has been very stressful for people who have mental health issues. Lack of financial security, isolation, unavailability of medical care has affected millions all over the globe. He further says, “Considering that so many of us are going through tough times, anxiety is not uncommon. After understanding more about it, I feel should definitely not be ignored. It should be dealt with in a much more helpful manner. Mental health is currently a burning issue. Awareness and more importantly, acceptance is required. We need to spread the message in whatever way.”

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