Jwala Gutta Opens Up On Bigg Boss 3

It’s natural that celebs who signed Bigg Boss deal always keep quiet until the Big day comes, while those who didn’t sign naturally call that as a rumour. And that’s what happens in the case of this hot lady now.

After losing her form in Badminton, Telugu girl Jwala Gutta tried her hand in films and her item song in Nithin’s Ishq didn’t work big time. And from time, it is being heard that Jwala is in touch by Bigg Boss 3 team and she might get into the house as a high rated contestant. However, she denied it all.

“No big boss for me!!! All false rumours!!”, is what she tweeted other day, thereby condemning all the reports. Those who know about the total development have revealed that apparently Jwala is said to have demanded quite a high pay to enter the house, but the organisers refused to budge and hence she decided not to take it.

It is being said all these days that Nagarjuna will host Bigg Boss 3, while the likes of Sreemukhi, Jwala Gutta, Varun Sandesh, RJ Hemanth and others are likely to join the house. We have to see who else might call it a rumour.

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