Javed Akhtar’s sarcastic dig at Kangana Ranaut’s ‘bheek’ comment: ‘Why would someone feel bad?’

Kangana Ranaut's statements regarding India's independence have stirred up a major controversy. The actor has been defending her stance via social media.

Writer Javed Akhtar has opened up about Kangana Ranaut’s controversial ‘bheek’ remark where the actor said the country truly gained independence in 2014. The 76-year-old took to Twitter on Thursday and shared, “It is totally understood. Why would all those who had nothing to do with freedom movement feel bad if some calls our freedom just a ‘bheek'(sic).”

His tweet read like a sarcastic remark on Kangana’s statement at the Times Now Summit. In 2020, Akhtar had filed a complaint stating that she had made defamatory statements on national and international television “in what appears to be a clear campaign to malign and tarnish” his reputation.

Soon after making the controversial statement, Kangana defended her stance via her Instagram stories as she questioned ‘which war took place in 1947?’ “…1857 I know but which war took place in 1947 I am not aware, if someone can bring to my awareness I will give back my Padma Shri and apologise also please help me with this (sic),” she wrote.

Earlier music composer Vishal Dadlani also took to social media to express his displeasure over Ranaut’s statements. He posted a photo wearing a T-shirt with Bhagat Singh’s face on it and shared in the caption, “Remind the lady who said our Independence was “bheekh”. The man on my t-shirt is Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh, atheist, poet philosopher, Freedom Fighter, son of India, and son of a Farmer. He gave his life for our freedom, for India’s Independence at age 23, and went to the gallows with a smile and a song on his lips.”

In another series of posts on Instagram, Kangana seemingly targeted Mahatma Gandhi and said, “Those are the ones who taught us, ‘If someone slaps you offer another cheek for one more slap’ and that is how you will get Aazadi. That’s not how one gets Aazadi, one can only get bheekh like that. Choose your heroes wisely(sic).”

Kangana Ranaut’s statement on Indian independence came days after she was honoured with Padma Shri by President Ram Nath Kovind in Delhi.

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