Ismart Girl Doing Phone Call Promotions

Like we said it earlier, Nabha Natesh is making the most of PR activities. She’s indulging in sending her spicy photographs regularly to all the media houses and sharing various updates through PR teams. Here comes the Ismart spicy girl doing another type of promotions too.

You might have heard these phone calls from former AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, where you get a call and upon answering the pre-recorded voice of Naidu plays on. This happened pretty high during his regime as AP CM and during election campaigns. And now, Nabha Natesh is also indulging in the very same promotions.

While Naidu’s calls used to come out from Vijayawada based numbers, Nabha’s calls are coming from Chandigarh “+91-172” series. Yesterday and today, many folks in Hyderabad are said to have got these calls from Nabha, where she’s inviting them to a shop opening event at Hyderanagar in Hyderabad.

Looks like it is very soon that star heroines might also make similar calls to cinema lovers inviting them to watch films.

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