Holly Willoughby forced to ‘confess’ to lesbian experimentation by randy Mel B

Holly Willoughby is left speechless and blushing on tonight's episode of Celebrity Juice by Mel B and Keith Lemon – who grill her relentlessly on her girl-on-girl experimentation.

The giggling This Morning host covered her face with her hands and got embarrassed as she was asked several times about her previous same-sex flirtations.

"Holly, have you ever experimented?" Keith asks her.

"No," she quickly shoots back.

Not quite grasping the flow of conversation, Paddy McGuinness asks: "What do you mean, experiment? What are you on about?"

Grinning Keith tells him: "Well, getting off with your own sex. Holly, have you ever – you know – scissor-sistered?"

Blushing, Holly cries out: "No! No, no – I haven't."

Refusing to let up, Keith asks again: "Have you ever kissed the sweet lips of a lady?"

Poor Holly refuses to be drawn, telling him: "What are you getting at? No."

Pregnant Stacey Solomon, who is sitting next to her beau Joe Swash, worriedly asks: "Is this going to be a game?"

As the audience bursts into laughter, Mel turns to her blonde teammate and warns her: "Don't lie."

"I- Mel!" Holly screeches. "No, no… like, what do you mean? No!"

"Your voice has gone really high!" Mel laughs.

"I think Holly's answered the question there," Keith winks at the camera as Holly sinks her red-hot face into her hands.

Tonight's Celeb Juice sees Spice Girl Mel joining Marvin Humes, Susanna Reid and Stacey and Joe for a riotous show.

Mel recently hit headlines when she confessed she and bandmate Geri Horner had lesbian sex at the height of the Spice Girls' fame – something Geri has continued to deny.

*Celebrity Juice continues tonight at 10pm on ITV2

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