Coronation Street loses another extra after they announce they have quit

Coronation Street is losing workers fast as another extra has QUIT.

There was uproar last week when Fat Brenda handed in her resignation – and it seems she has opened the floodgates for a mass exodus.

A second unseen but much-loved Street Cars employee, Omar, has decided to leave to join rivals GoLucky.

After business partners Tim Metcalfe and Steve McDonald had a blazing row, they received some bad news about one of their drivers.

Breaking the bad news, Tim revealed: "Omar has gone to work for GoLucky. He's missing Brenda."

Omar was frequently mentioned on the soap and was known for being quite messy and leaving rubbish in his taxi.

Tracy Barlow insisted there was nothing to worry about as it would be one less person to pay.

But hitting back, Steve said: "No Tracy, you don’t get it. Without him we have hardly got any drivers."

"Hardly any drivers, hardly any money," he added before putting his head in hands.

Corrie viewers too to Twitter to react to Omar's departure from the cab firm.

One viewer said: "The cab office has lost another driver! First Brenda now Omar!"

Omar now… it must be love," added another.

A third said: "If Omar doesn't get an actual appearance now, I'll be really disappointed"

The second departure comes after Fat Brenda threw in the towel – leaving Steve absolutely fuming.

"Well I can't believe you're leaving us in the lurch!" Steve exclaimed on the phone. "Talk about staff loyalty!

"Oh fine, fine. You're coming in to do your last shift tomorrow though! Bye."

Slamming the phone down, he turned to Tim to tell him: "Brenda's handed her notice in."

"Eh?!" Tim exclaimed. "She won the lottery or something?"

"Jumped ship," Steve explained. "She's going to GoLucky."

"Cheeky cow," Tim snarked.

Disgruntled fans could not believe that Fat Brenda had finally quit Street Cars.

One tweeted: "What, no more Fat Brenda? Nooooooooooooooooooo! #Corrie."

While another commented: "Fat Brenda has betrayed Street Cars #Corrie."

A third remarked: "Fat Brenda's actually officially now totally quit Streetcars seriously? #Corrie."

* Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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