Breaking: Varun Tej’s Car Met With Accident

Mega hero Varun Tej’s car had met with an accident at Kothakota in Wanaparthy district of Telangana. Luckily, Varun and other passengers in the car escaped unhurt. However, the front portion of the car and its grill got damaged. Whereas Varun and others in the car are safe with no injuries.

Fortunately, there are no casualities as the car had not hit any fellow passengers or bystanders on the road.

Responding to the reports of meeting with an accident, Varun Tej took to his Twiter to clarify to all his ‘worried’ fans. Varun Tej wrote, “Got into a car accident and thankfully everybody is safe and sound. No injuries whatsoever. Thanks for the concern and your love!”

How the accident took place? Was it because of the rash driving? More details are yet to be known.

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