Botsa Is Back, So Is Bandla Ganesh!

Botsa Satyanarayana and Bandla Ganesh share a very good rapport. There
have been several rumours surrounding Botsa and Bandla about their
alleged financial dealings in public domain and it was rumoured that
Ganesh is Botsa’s benami. Even Bandla Ganesh had strongly denied and
quashed all those rumours as baseless.

But now that YCP is back in
power and Botsa is playing a powerful role in AP politics, Bandla
Ganesh’s name is back in action it seems.

Ganesh said he first
met Botsa through ex MP Maganti Babu. Ganesh said he slowly developed
rapport, friendship with Botsa and started visiting him regularly. He
said he also made big movies at that time and both are just accidental
and are not linked. He said rumour mongers have cooked up rumours on
Botsa and him.

Setting the record straight, Bandla Ganesh said he
is neither a benami of Botsa nor partner nor have any financial
dealings with Botsa in whatsoever way. Ganesh said Botsa had once helped
him regarding his agricultural land by telephoning to an IAS officer.
He said that was the only favour he got from Botsa and Ganesh added that
he is thankful to Botsa for the help.

Bandla Ganesh said he has
stopped visiting Botsa and it is been 5 years since he visited him and
yet he is being “tagged” as Botsa’s “benami”. Ganesh once again
clarified that there is no truth in such rumours. Ganesh also admitted
that it was his mistake as he had once stated on stage that Botsa was
there to bail him out even if he did any “murder” or “crime”. Ganesh
regrets for making such a statement and said it took 10 years for him to
come out. He said he couldn’t control himself when he has mike in his
hands and speaking to large crowds in public meetings.

On the
other hand, Ganesh is all set to return to film production. In his
latest interview, Bandla Ganesh cited the gap as “foundation” for his
future course of action. He said he will soon begin the film production.
Ganesh said he aims to make 5 big films in the coming days.

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