#BiggBoss: KA Paul And Bandla Ganesh Said No

So many people see ‘Big Boss’ as only a game, but that is a reality check upon them, as they are set to survive with people of different mindsets and all of them at the same stage and stature. They give the same food, same tasks and work, and after making everyone equal, the contestants will be tested.

For the upcoming Big Boss 3, we hear that many celebs are actually saying no that the program is most likely to expose their inner (original) nature. For example, none of the film industry related contestants of Big Boss 1 or 2 got a break after the program, and even the winners doesnt made anything of it. This is because, once the true nature is exposed, everyone will be judging them easily.

Buzz has that KA Paul, who has earlier expressed interest to join Big Boss 3, has now stopped responding to Star Maa’s calls. At the same time, Big Boss team is also confident that they could bring producer Bandla Ganesh aboard, and this dramatic actor also rejected to join the house finally, say sources.

Well, after getting brutally trolled by people for their recent political stints, both KA Paul and Ganesh will not be able to join Big Boss for sure, which is a sort of another reality check for them.

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