Bigg Boss 12’s Karanvir Bohra and wife Teejay Sidhu head to Canada prior to the birth of their 3rd baby

Popular TV and actor and Bigg Boss 12’s contestant Karanvir Bohra will soon be flying to Canada to join her wife where they will bring in their third baby. Talking to SpotBoye, the actor said, “My wife has left for Vancouver where her parents live. That’s where we are going to have our third baby. Our twin daughters Vienna and Bella were also born in Vancouver at my parents-in-law’s place.” He added, “My wife and I thought about having this child in India. But since our twin girls were so beautifully born without any problems in Vancouver, and since our daughters insisted that they would like their sibling to be born at their Nana and Nani’s residence we decided to have the baby in Canada.”

The actor revealed that Teejay has already joined her parents and added, “I leave in two weeks after wrapping up my pending work to join my wife and daughters for the new arrival in the family,” When talk about any preferences of boy or girl, he replied, “My daughters would be happy with either a baby brother or another baby sister. We are happy if they are happy.”

The couple announced the pregnancy news on November 3, which was their 14th wedding anniversary. Talking about their 15th anniversary plans he told PinkVilla, “T and I were just talking a few days back before she left, that it’s been 14 years to our marriage. We have crossed two seven years which is great and it doesn’t feel like time has passed so fast. We had a baby after 10 years of marriage which just went by so fast. Now our children are 4 years old and we are having another one. What better gift to give on our anniversary? The little angel coming to our life, the 14 years gift will be this baby. I still remember the 10 years gift was these two angels. So we have had landmark anniversaries. Before the 10 years anniversary, we had Bella and Vienna and now we are excited for another one. Next year marks the 15th year of our marriage and we are going to make it special. We wanted to celebrate on the 10 years anniversary but Bella and Vienna were born but now is the perfect time, on the 15th one, we will have a nice beach wedding where we will call all our friends. So next year everybody has to be ready and gear up to go to Goa. I am so excited.”

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