10 Times Sunny Deol Meant Serious Business

What would Sunny Deol do without his menacing gaze, furious dialogues and booming threats?

More than two decades later, he’s still at it.

In Gadar 2, a sequel to his 2001 blockbuster set against the backdrop of Partition, his Tara Singh returns to yell, slam and smash folks from the padosi mulk holding his son hostage.

The mere mention of the man sets off punches in the air.

If there was a penny for every single time Bollywood’s shiest movie star and angriest action hero pointed fingers at his adversary and warned him of violent consequences…

From Ghayal to Gadar, Sukanya Verma lists 10 times Sunny Deol’s onscreen threats meant serious business.


‘Arjun Malvankar. Main tumhare accountant ka beta hoon. Aur yeh pitai tumhare account mein bahut dinon se likhi hai. Maine socha aaj full and final payment kar hi doon. Chalo utho, ab tumko bahut pitna hai.’

Messing with Sunny Deol’s docile daddy proves detrimental for his bully boss when the rebellious son gets into payback mode as evident in Rahul Rawail’s all-time classic, Arjun.



Salakhon ke peeche maine ek ek din ek ek saal jaise kaatein hain, Balwant Rai. Ab main aanewale chaubees ghanton mein tumhare chaubees tukde karke har tukde ka alag alag antim sanskar karoonga.’

When Sunny Deol means business, be glad you’re not Balwant Rai.

Rajkumar Santoshi’s tale of a wronged man is seething in anger and the actor submits to its rage with all his intensity.



Jab yeh dhaai kilo ka haath kisipe padta hain, toh aadmi uthta nahi, uth jaata hai.’

All the six packs in the world fall pale before Sunny’s rock solid confidence and dhaai kilo brute force when he tells off his corrupt colleague, one killer threat at a time.



Agar saaton ek baap ke hain toh ruk nahi toh kasam hai ganga Maiya ki ghar mein ghus ke maroonga, saaton ko saath maroonga.’

Sunny Deol doesn’t drop empty threats. Danny Denzongpa’s Katya and his six brothers find out the hard way.



Humari dharti par kadam rakhne ki koshish mat karna. Longewala main itni bada kabristan banane ki jagah nahi hai.’

Trust Sunny to shoot from the lip and bazooka like only he can in J P Dutta’s recreation of the India-Pakistan 1971 War.



Chilao mat inspector, yeh Deva ki adalat hai. Aur meri adalat mein apradhiyon ko ooncha bolne ki ijaazat nahi.’

Deva Ki Adalat. ‘Nuff said!


Jo Bole So Nihaal

‘No if, no but, only Jatt!’

No idea what that means, but when Sunny growls, the trembling henchman at the receiving end shuts up and listens.



There are times when Sunny’s action speaks louder than his words. Vowing to blow up the bad guy in smithereens, how’s this for walk the talk?



Agar is chaukhat pe baraat aayi toh doli ki jagah unki arthiyan uthengi. Aur sabse pehle arthi uski uthegi jiske sarr pe sehra hoga. Laashein beecha doonga, laashein.’

Kabir Singh of the 1990s.


Gadar: Ek Prem Katha

Agar main apne biwi bachon ke liye sarr jhuka sakta hoon toh main sabke sarr kaat bhi sakta hoon.’

We believe him. You will too after he pulls out a hand pump from the ground and proceeds to pound about a hundred men singlehandedly.

We expect nothing less than double the drubbing from the sequel.

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