Could Rashid Khan Be The Next MVP?

Srinivas Bhogle and Purnendu Maji present‘s Most Valuable Player Index of IPL 2023 after Game 61.

Yashasvi Jaiswal is still the top player on the MVP table with an MVPI of 706. But for how long? With Rajasthan Royals almost out of this year’s IPL, he might be left with just one last opportunity to increase his MVPI tally.

Given the way he’s batting, Faf du Plessis (MVPI: 667) has a good chance of being the MVPI of IPL 2023 if RCB can qualify for the play-offs. But with RCB, who knows what happens next? Even RCB doesn’t know.

That’s why Rashid Khan (664) of GT might be a good bet, especially because GT is still the favourite to top the points table.

As someone guaranteed to bowl 4 overs and always likely to get a few wickets at a good economy rate, Rashid’s bowling performance is surely to add many more points to his MVPI tally. But if he blazes away with the bat the way he did last week his tally could soar rapidly to the top.

Table 1 lists players with the highest MVPI, and also players that offer best value for money, via the Paisa Vasool Index. PVI tells you how many US dollars the franchise pays the player for every ‘run equivalent’ that he contributes.

Table 2 contains more detailed data, and includes column that contribute to the MVPI calculation.

Table 1: Best Performing Players so far in IPL 2023 (after Match 61 ending 14.5.23)

Table 2: More data about the Best Performing Players so far in IPL 2023 (after Match 61 ending 14.5.23)

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