2019 Cricket World Cup | No one in team believes in my bowling, but I do, says Kohli

He broke many a records with his batting but Virat Kohli, the medium-pacer, could have had a lot more than eight international wickets if his teammates believed in his bowling ability like he himself does.

Kohli, albeit in a lighter vein, explained why he has not bowled in internationals since December 2017.

“It was during the ODI series in Sri Lanka (in 2017) where we had almost won everything, I asked MS [Dhoni] if I could bowl. Just when I was getting ready to roll my arm over, Bumrah shouted from the boundary and said ‘no joking around, it is an international game’.

“No one in the team believes in my bowling, but I do. After that I had back issues and never bowled,” said the Indian captain in an interview to the host broadcaster of the World Cup.

Bowls in the nets

Kohli, however, still bowls in the nets, most recently in a practice session here earlier this week.

The star batsman also shared an anecdote which shows that he has always taken his bowling seriously. “I used to follow James Anderson’s action when I was at the academy [in Delhi]. Later, when I got to play alongside him, I told him about that story. We both had a good laugh over it.”

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