Why adding hair removal creams to your vanity is a good idea

One of the reasons why hair removal creams aren't as popular as waxing or threading, is that there are some myths that surround it

Heading out to meet your friends, you have been eyeing that dress for a long time, and now an occasion has presented itself. But, as soon as you go near your wardrobe, you notice you have a lot of hair on your body, and so, you sulk and settle for the boring denim.

But, it does not have to be like that. If you are looking for a quick fix, adding hair removal creams to your vanity is not such a bad idea. Regardless, removing or not removing hair is your choice and you can always flaunt that dress with hair, too.

Ahead, check out why this addition will be great, with tips from Kunal Bansal, VP and business head Pittie Consumer, International Brands and NAIR Hair Removal Cream.

What are hair removal creams?

“Hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, are a method of hair removal that involves getting rid of excess hair from the skin by simply applying the cream, leaving for a few minutes and washing away the product along with the dissolved hair,” Bansal says,

How does it work?

These creams contain alkaline chemical salt compounds which break the disulphide bonds in keratin. Keratin is the protein structure of your hair.

“They basically hydrolyse the hair making it weak, jelly-like and easy to dissolve,” says Bansal. Then all you have to do is simply wipe off the cream using a spatula.

Why are hair removal creams not as popular as other methods of hair removal?

One of the reasons why hair removal creams aren’t as popular as waxing or threading is because of the myths that surround the same. For the longest time, we have been told that hair removal creams are a big no-no simply because they have a lot of harmful chemicals and darken the skin post multiple uses.

“As opposed to waxing, shaving etc., that have seemingly fewer disadvantages than depilatory creams, hair removal creams are easy to use, painless, economical and effective on both large body parts as well as for smaller, harder-to-reach body parts,” he adds.

Not only that, the process consumes less amount of time and one does not even need to go to a salon to get their home removed.

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