Video of ‘pizza rat’ in ‘human form’ is viral. Why? Because it’s 2020

Do you remember the video of ‘pizza rat’ which went viral a few years ago? If you do, then chances are you are smiling because the clip is absolutely hilarious. In case you haven’t, allow us to explain. Back in 2015, the video became crazy viral because of what it showed – a rat dragging a pizza slice through the stairs of a subway in New York City. What made the clip even more entertaining is the rodent’s determination as it kept on dragging the piece without caring about the humans walking past it. Now, a video – which is equally funny if not more – has put ‘pizza rat’ back on the map again. It shows performance artist Jonothon Lyons recreating the pizza-stairs moment and that too quite perfectly.

“Pizza Rat!” Lyons wrote and shared the video. Take a look at the clip and don’t blame us if you end up laughing hard.

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Did that make you laugh out loud? Wait till you see this other video of the same incident captured from a different angle. This video gets all the more hilarious because of how a commuter coming down the stairs reacts as the ‘rat’ climbs up.

Both the video received tons of comments from amused netizens.

“This is still my favorite bit. Although I LOVE the dude that’s terrified of Buddy on the subway,” wrote an Instagram user. “Where can I get that pizza,” asked another. “Thanks for this! I think we all collectively needed a laugh,” aptly wrote a third. “You are HILARIOUS!!!! Thank you for making us laugh during these strange times!!” appreciated a fourth.

Here’s how tweeple reacted:

“Buddy the Rat” aka artist Jonothon Lyons, for the past few days, has been seen riding subways in his rodent costume. What’s even more interesting is that he is spreading awareness while doing so by wearing a mask.

Lyons enjoys that most people aren’t fazed at the sight of a human in a rat costume, reports New York Post. “Most New Yorkers are totally indifferent,” he said.

A video of Lyons also received a shout out from Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York. “Thank you for wearing a mask,” they tweeted.

What do you think of the ‘pizza rat’ video and #BuddyTheRat’s adventures on subway?

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