‘Turn it up’: NASA’s melodious treat is here to brighten up your day. Watch

If you follow the social media profiles managed by NASA, chances are you’ve come across their sonification videos. Just like this post shared on official Twitter profile of NASA’s Hubble, it’s a sonification of an image of the Bullet Cluster.

“Turn it up! Through sonification, we can “listen” to the data in this image of the Bullet Cluster, which combines Hubble observations with those from @chandraxray and ground-based telescopes,” NASA wrote while sharing the clip. The post is complete with a link that describes about the process of sonification and Bullet Cluster in detail.

Take a look at the post to know more and hear the melody of space:

Since being shared, the video has gathered more than 31,000 views. Additionally, it has also accumulated tons of comments.

“It’s incredible when someone takes a thing that is already beautiful and adds a completely new dimension to it simply by seeing, or in this case hearing, it in a new way,” wrote a Twitter user. “I don’t know why it’s pretty darn cool,” said another. “I can hear the spinning of those threw stars. The biggest one is much more audible,” expressed a third.

What do you think of NASA’s share?

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