Recipe: Engaged in night shoots, Tandav star Gauahar Khan binges on this healthy snack | Watch

Landing on the set straight after her fairytale wedding with Zaid Darbar, Bollywood actor Gauahar Khan barely had the time for herself as she got whisked away in night shoots and proper meals went for a toss. Sharing a health discovery that she made recently, the Tandav star spilled the beans on the recipe of her wholesome breakfast that she binges on to stay active and energetic for the long shoots without compromising on health.

Promising that it can be “used as evening healthy snacks for kids too”, Gauahar took to her YouTube channel to share the recipe in a video for fans on social media. Talking about healthy breakfast recipes for an active lifestyle, Gauahar shared, “Being a workaholic, I go on long shoots but I don’t like to compromise on my healthy meals. So here it is guys, I will share a healthy breakfast to stay active and energetic for the shoot.”

The video featured the diva binge eating a bowl of ready to cook healthy snack as it was convenient for her. The snack contained 4 wholesome super grains like oats, green gram, amaranth and ragi and was infused with 3 immune-boosting ayurvedic herbs including amla, tulsi, and turmeric, which are known to optimize immune responses.

Since we are currently living in the pandemic era where prioritizing immunity is on everyone’s list, Gauahar shared that this recipe was great to kill hunger pangs in between meals.


Open a pack/pouch of ready-to-eat Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix and pour out the contents in a bowl. Mix them with little amount of hot boiling water and cover the bowl with a lid.

Within two minutes, it is ready to eat and is convenient for people especially in a profession like Gauahar’s where you are busy running on field with barely any time to prepare breakfast or eat elaborate breakfasts. One can even have it as a healthy snack with evening tea.

Gauahar says that not all Ayurveda products are tasteless and that “this is absolutely yummy.” The mix has vegetables, masala and of course, the 4 wholesome grains along with the 3 Ayurvedic ingredients “which make it a complete packet for health, immunity.”

The oats are slow releasing carbs which give you energy gradually throughout the day. Hence, it is good for people of all age groups.

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