NASA shares pic of astronaut playing saxophone in space. ‘So cool’ say netizens

It was not long ago that NASA asked netizens what they wish to carry on a trip to the Moon. Now, the space agency has shared a photograph of an unusual thing taken to space by an astronaut. Chances are, the item will leave you surprised.

Posted on Twitter, the photo shows astronaut Jessica Meir playing the saxophone in the International Space Station (ISS). Meir can be seen floating in zero gravity while playing the instrument.

The picture was taken just before Meir returned to Earth in April.

While astronaut Meir took her saxophone for a spin in space, NASA asked netizens what other things they wished to bring along in their Moon kit.

Take a look at the post:

Shared a few hours ago, the post has already garnered over 3,800 likes and lots of comments from netizens. While some shared what other instruments they wanted to bring to the space station, others found the concept of playing the saxophone in space extremely cool. Many also asked for a space jam session.

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