More than 30 countries undergone training at advance training courses under international online internship program

More than 200 course attendees took part in online internship based on the best practices of the open education centers within the framework of the international education and learning project

Within the framework of “Formation of Internship Platforms on Development of Open Education Centers in Russian and Russian Language Teaching in the Russian Federation and Abroad, including Best Practices Propagation” project implementation performed by JV “Sodruzhestvo” LLC supported by the Ministry of Education of Russia, educative and executive employees of the educational organizations implementing education in Russian abroad from more than 30 countries undergone training at advance training courses under “International Online Internship based on the Best Practices of Open Education Centers” program.

The training was held in the form of international online internship. The attendees had a possibility to study the best experience of open educational centers in Russian of the colleagues from Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Serbia, Uzbekistan, and Armenia. In the process of study the course attendees had a possibility to exchange the experience in order to improve professional competences and advance the level of modern practices of the Russian language teaching and education in Russian.

The educators were provided not only with the methodical best practices but the elements of creativity, folklore, cultural traditions as well as open classes’ fragments within the work framework.