Man tries to order flowers for wife, gets bizarre substitute option instead

If you are a regular online shopper, then you know how the experience goes. The opportunity to window shop is immense, but so is the struggle of guessing if the purchased product would look just as it does on the screen. Now, one particular Twitter user, named Andreas Hagemann, has shared his funny online shopping experience related to substitute recommendations. The chances are that reading about it will make you giggle.

Hagemann shared this image on Twitter on October 13. “Can’t wait to surprise my wife with an organic red bell pepper!” reads the text shared alongside the snapshot.

The picture shows a screen grab. It conveys that the flowers Hagemann was trying to purchase for his wife are out of stock. He can, nonetheless, surprise her with a substitute – an organic red bell pepper.

If reading that felt strange, wait until you see this photograph:

Since being shared on the micro-blogging application, this hilarious share has captured netizens’ attention. It has garnered over 19,700 likes and almost 4,000 retweets up until now.

Here is what tweeple had to say about the post. One person joked, “You better get a dozen”.

Another individual wrote, “And they said romance was dead”. “LOL, that’s one way to keep things spicy,” read one comment in the Twitter thread.

Here are some other reactions from the thread:

What are your thoughts on this post? Did it make you chuckle as well? Additionally, have you ever gotten an extremely bizarre substitute recommendation when online shopping?

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