Llama drama: Rescue llama named Gizmo lassoed back to hooman safely after 17 days on the run

The story of a runaway rescue llama named Gizmo has come to a happy end after capturing netizens’ attention for many days. It all started when the animal jumped over a five-foot fence at a farm in Bedford, New York, and went missing for seventeen days. Gizmo’s hooman frantically searched for him, taking the help of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery organisation in finding the llama. Thankfully, the team was able to locate Gizmo. Here’s the exciting story of Gizmo’s return to the farm.

The Facebook page of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery shared this post. It encompasses a video showing how Gizmo was lassoed back to his hooman along with shots of the llama after he’d been found. “BREAKING NEWS! Gizmo the LLAMA missing in Bedford, NY has been safely captured after seventeen days! Gizmo was newly rescued and jumped over a five-foot fence,” reads a bit of the text shared alongside the pictures and the clip.

It further states, “Frightened and in a new environment, he was off and running. There were no confirmed sightings. I began working with Gizmos’s devoted new owner yesterday. I went over her case in great detail, and a whole new strategy was put into place”. Soon the whole town was plastered with posters of Gizmo.

“This evening a maintenance crew on one of the local farms saw our poster and called Diana. Gizmo had been on that farm property the whole time, less than a mile away from the point of escape. They thought that he belonged there and thought nothing of it until they saw our poster,” the caption goes onto to read.

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Here’s what netizens had to say about this llama drama. One person said, “This is the best news”.

Another individual wrote, “So wonderful”. “Great Job!!! Welcome home Gizmo!” reads one comment under the share.

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