JEE Main April: These subject-wise preparation tips will help you crack exam

Subject-wise important topics to how to prepare for boards and jee main simultaneously, here's your guide for session 2 of JEE Main 2021.

— Written by Saurabh Kumar

The JEE exam April attempt is due soon and students trying to clear this attempt need to gear up and be prepared. They should try not to think about results or the other attempts available. Motivation is the key and I am sure if a student is required to appear in all four attempts, he/she will do great. As it is evident, the board exams will commence in May and it is imperative to remain focused so that one can take maximum advantage of the situation and ace both the exams. The proper approach would be to split the remaining time into two parts:

The present time till the start of board exams: The time frame is vital and the student needs to work extremely hard for the JEE exam, as there are only 30 days available. My advice would be to study for up to 9-10 hours daily.

Practice makes one perfect – Mock tests should become a norm by now and a student should take these tests regularly. These tests should be used to analyse and understand strengths and/or weaknesses and the student should try to resolve any concerns or weak spots in the next test and the JEE exam.

A student can also approach the exam by attempting subjects based on their proficiency and start with the subject on which they have a stronghold. Keep in mind, every student is different, some of your friends may be comfortable starting with chemistry or maths, it doesn’t mean, same will be viable for you. My advice here is do not copy any strategy and try to develop your approach according to your skills.

Effective allocation of time -The above strategy accounts for your 9-10 hours daily. Now the remaining 6-7 could be divided into 2-3 segments. The best approach would be to dedicate equal time to all subjects, however, a student can spare a little more time towards a subject, where they think they are lagging behind.

For example, chemistry is the most scoring subject, followed by physics and maths. A student could dedicate more time towards these subjects according to this precedence. This time could also be allocated towards topics from class 11th because these topics need proper revision, even more than topics from class 12th as they should be fresh in the memory of students must have prepared them recently for their board exams.

Some important topics from class 11th for revision are enlisted below:


• Thermodynamics

• Kinetic Theory of Gases

• Oscillation and Waves

• Units & Measurements.

• Rotational mechanics.



• Hydrogen

• S-Block Elements

• P-Block Elements

• D & F-Block Element

• Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

• General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals


• Co-ordinate Geometry

• Sets, Relations and Functions

• Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

• Matrices and Determinants

• Permutations and Combinations.

Students should try to give more attention to these topics and try to get comfortable with the concepts and practices.

Take care of yourself -Now, coming to another aspect of successful preparation for JEE exams, students tend to get carried away with the grind and forget the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles choices. This part is equally important for preparation. They should not forget to eat healthy (avoid fried and fast foods), and should increase the intake of antioxidants and water, take breaks between study sessions of two hours or more, go for a walk, maintain healthy sleep cycle and even listen to light music.

Another important piece of advice would be, to appear in all attempts of the JEE exams. NTA has decided to conduct the exam four times this year (February, March, April and May) and only the best of these four attempts would be considered. It makes perfect sense to appear in all four so that you can achieve better percentile and ultimately, get a rank.

Following the board exams till JEE main & advanced exam

This period offers less time for the May attempt, however, a student must have already appeared in 3 prior attempts by this time. This makes it easier to succeed marginally and achieve better percentile. If a student manages to achieve percentile above 95, then they can concentrate and focus their efforts on JEE Advanced. Another advantage is that a student does not have to divert their attention as much towards studying language and/or 5th subject.

— The author is Director Academics

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