HT Codeathon: Coding one of basic literacy needs in today’s digital age

We are marching on today with digital literacy becoming the backbone of the school curriculum. This is what has made us maintain the continuity in curriculum transaction in these pandemic times. Coding is one of the basic literacy requirements in today’s digital age. Learning to code will endow the students with futuristic skills, so necessary for survival if I may say that. We, as educators, want all our students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers, and this is where coding is beneficial. Apeejay School, Pitampura, welcomes this initiative of HT Pace to conduct HT Codeathon for the students. It will help students to give leverage to their curiosity and quest to learn.

Veena Goel, Principal, Apeejay School, Pitampura

‘Essential for life skills’

Codeathon is a great initiative taken by HT. Coding teaches kids to become creators versus consumers of technology. It balances left and right brain, resulting in improvement in abstract thinking scores in Math Olympiads and entrance exams. With coding, children learn essential life skills and become more future ready. We are glad to see initiatives like HT Codeathon and it will be great to see it as a part of our curriculum. It mirrors the NEP which talks of introducing coding in Grade 6. Coding encourages creative and logical thinking.

Tania Joshi, Principal, The Indian School, Sadiq Nagar

HT is doing a tremendous job by becoming a wonderful link between students and technology. By conducting such events, it is motivating the students and generating renewed interest among the students who are now using their free time in developing new applications instead of wasting it in watching videos and playing online games. We are indeed grateful to HT for their unconditional support in creating awareness.

Richa Sharma, TGT English, Ch. Chhabil Dass Public School, Patel Nagar

The Codeathon webinar organised by HT is a very advantageous platform for us. Today , we are exposed to so much technology that we can comfortably start young. At the age of 5 only, we can start with so many programs which use visual learning environments and instructions. To make the new generation more creative and innovative and to move with the rapid advancement of technology, the CBSE has planned to introduce coding in the curriculum. It will indeed be very beneficial that we are introduced to such languages at an early age.

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