‘Every single contribution matters’: PM Modi praises man for his contribution to relief fund

There’s a saying that “whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” And, a recent tweet by Prime Minister Narenda Modi reinforces the notion that even the smallest effort, especially in the time of crisis, matters.

“There’s nothing big or little,” PM Modi wrote while replying to a post by a Twitter user who had shared a screenshot of his contribution of Rs 501 to PM-CARES. PM Modi announced the creation of the fund and invited people from all sections of society to donate.

Praising the man’s contribution, the PM further wrote that his donation shows India’s “collective resolve to defeat COVID-19.”

Since being shared the post has collected over 42,000 likes. Additionally, it has also garnered close to 5,600 retweets.

Anyone can go to the website pmindia.gov.in to donate to PM-CARES. From cards to net banking, a person or organization can choose any mode of payment.

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