Elon Musk calls this image ‘table in tension’. Check it out to see why

Elon Musk often tweets about and on science-related subjects. This notion is illustrated best by a comment the CEO of SpaceX left on this post by a Twitter account named @UniverCurious. The share is intriguing, and netizens’ comments left under the post convey the same.

This image was shared on Twitter on October 14. “Physics and science are awesome,” reads the caption shared alongside the post.

The picture shows a table. However, it is no ordinary piece of furniture. The design of the desk is unique in that chains connect the four corners of the upper part of the table to the lower half of it. Still, the desk stands stable.

Check out the tweet below to investigate the structure which has baffled some and amazed a few:

Since being shared on the micro-blogging application, this post has accumulated over 1.6 lakh likes and more than 17,700 retweets. Elon Musk had this to say about the share:

Here is what tweeple had to say about the share. One person said, “It’s giving me a headache trying to work it out”.

Another individual wrote, “I can’t understand”. To this, somebody else responded:

“Everything’s fine until someone pushes it,” read one comment under the post.

Another Twitter user stated, “The engineer should have been in an eclectic mood while designing”. Somebody else proclaimed, “It’s okay science but why would one want a table like that! Four legs are much more stable”.

Here are some other reactions from the thread:

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