Diwali 2020: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput twinning and winning in black has all our hearts — view pic

Shahid Kapoor has shared a post wishing everyone a Happy Diwali, but what has grabbed our attention is him and wife Mira Rajput twinning and winning in black. Posting the loved-up picture on his official Instagram handle, the Jersey actor wrote: “Happy Diwali to you all. Love and light.” Earlier, Shahid Kapoor had shared another picture displaying the rangoli outside his house with a beautiful message for the festival of lights. “Happy Diwali to you all. Here’s to messy rangolis and priceless family time. Feed the heart with love. Everything else will come and go,” he had written. Check out both his Insta posts below:


In early September, Mira Rajput had also taken to social media to write a lengthy post about how she had managed to arrange a small birthday celebration for son Zain despite the lockdown. “Another Quarantine Birthday. After planning a detailed, game intensive and theme-packed birthday for the lady of the house, I was quite lazy to get up and do yet another one in ten days! But nothing like Pinterest and good old mom-guilt to get you right back on your toes to start all over again,” she had written

“Buddy boy is obsessed with anything that goes vroom: trucks, bikes, tractors, cars, fire engines and his most favourite the JCB Digger. You can catch him in the hot summer afternoon playing with his trucks in the mud totally and utterly in a state of bliss. So this theme combined his love for both vehicles and construction (also because it was just easier to widen the theme basket a bit and I was in love with the tractor shaped napkins). I used whatever creativity I had left to deck up the place and inflated a pool for the entertainment. All parents know that nothing keeps kids engaged longer than a pool with a side of fries,” the post further read.

Happy Diwali, Shahid and Mira.

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