Delhi University seniors save the day, say freshers

Gone are the days when seniors earned a reputation for ragging freshers in college. Since the time when college life shifted online, due to the pandemic, senior students of Delhi University have been working around the clock to help the new entrants on campus survive this never-seen-before online college experience!

“From guiding us on which books to buy to sharing videos of virtual college tour, our seniors in college are doing everything,” says Aarushi Singh, a Daulat Ram College student, adding, “They have been very helpful and try to make all the freshers like me feel comfortable. In fact, seniors in different colleges are trying to unite students of DU to be able to come in contact with each other and make up for the lost campus vibe since a regular college life has gone digital in the present circumstances.”

Some say that this set up has only helped them take important decisions wisely, rather than in a jiffy which would have been the case had they been on campus. Tejas Malhotra, a student of Sri Aurobindo College, says, “My college seniors told me about the various co-curricular societies and even guided me how to make the best choice. This one-to-one interaction albeit virtually, is so valuable as we are unable to visit the campus and experience the campus to know or be part of these societies. They also keep us posted with the latest news with regard to our college as well as the university. If we face any problems, they’re always ready to lend a helping hand and an attentive ear.”

From the superficial gossip to the real talk, and even teachers’ tales become part of their chit chats online. “My seniors have been so helpful and sweet that we feel like we are a family now. Besides helping us in the admission process, they also shared fun parts of college life, through virtual meets, such as which teacher is chill and which one is a no-nonsense type (chukles),” says Disha Bhatia, from Gargi College, adding, “For those looking for the right cultural societies to get recruited, our seniors helped and made it all so easy else we wouldn’t have been able to comprehend.”

The pandemic has in fact helped in developing a bond between seniors and juniors, like never before. “Our seniors were there with us to analyse the pros and cons of being in a college, when the cut-offs were released. They guided us like true mentors,” says Vinit Mehta, a student of Hansraj College, adding, “And even now, when the admission process is complete and online classes are in full swing, they have been helping us constantly to maintain a proper schedule, set a time table to devote attention to each subject. They have also prescribed us the best study material to score well in exams. And above all, they are keeping us updated about how to keep a track of internships that will soon come up, and are a great way to add an experience to our CV.”

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