The Indian Express and Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance have collaborated for the launch edition of Cancer Conversations.

With the hope to spread awareness instead of the fear, The Indian Express and Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance have collaborated for the launch edition of Cancer Conversations. And here’s what it’s all about:

1. Cancer Conversations gives a never-seen-before perspective to cancer awareness

Cancer is a sensitive subject that makes us anxious. Due to this anxiety, most people avoid discussing it or educating themselves about it. This defeats the purpose of cancer awareness campaigns and leaves people unprepared in case they need to deal with the disease. Cancer Conversations attempts to change that with a video series that has an all-new narrative. As survivors and caregivers shed light on rare insights, Cancer Conversations also generates hope.

2. Cancer Conversations gets survivors to agree and disagree with each other

As five survivors discuss topics like using the cancer card and the impact of cancer on their sex life and personalities, Cancer Conversations captures them agreeing and disagreeing with each other, sharing personal anecdotes, and giving viewers a new way to look at the disease, all in a manner that’s heart-warming yet enlightening.

3. Cancer Conversations gets survivors and caregivers to share their sides

Since cancer also impacts family members of a patient, who usually play the role of caregivers, the video series pairs a survivor with someone else’s caregiver. As the pair answer questions like “what annoyed you most” and “did you keep secrets from the other”, we see a unique relationship dynamic that usually develops between patients and caregivers.

4. Cancer Conversations brings the financial burden of the disease to light

Through the series, caregivers and survivors speak about the expenses they’ve incurred over the disease to bring out the fact that cancer treatment can be extremely expensive. While Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance offers comprehensive cancer coverage options, it also has an efficient ecosystem that supports patients and their families. This made them the perfect partner for this initiative. From how survivors managed their expenses to what you can do to prepare for them—discover it all on Cancer Conversations.

5. Cancer Conversations was launched to mark National Cancer Awareness Day on November 7, 2021

National Cancer Awareness Day highlights the importance of increasing awareness about cancer for the general public, making it the perfect day to launch the Cancer Conversations. Unscripted, candid and real, Cancer Conversations is a three-part video series conceptualized and created by The Indian Express Brand Studio—the content creation arm of the Indian Express Group.

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