Bhai Dooj 2020: Tweeple celebrate brother-sister relationship with memes dipped in naughtiness and love

The festival of Bhai Dooj is observed every year to celebrate the lovely bond shared between brothers and sisters. On this special occasion, netizens have flooded Twitter with numerous memes highlighting the love-hate relationship with their siblings under the hastags #BhaiDooj and #BhaiDooj2020. Sometimes the partner-in-crime and sometimes the most annoying one, the essence of the naughty yet sweet relationship between a brother and sister has been captured perfectly in the memes.

We have compiled some relatable memes that may tickle your funny bone and make you want to share them with your sibling too.

Here’s an apt representation of how precisely possessive siblings are:

We all have that ‘kanjoos’ brother

These netizens gave a glimpse of the other side as well

All chocolate companies do feel like Uncle Scrooge McDuck for the day

Here’s another hilarious take from the brother camp

What are your thoughts on these memes? Did you find any of them relatable too? 

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