Attendance thin as classes 5-8 resume in Mohali govt schools

About 30% to 45% attendance was reported on Thursday as classes 5 to 8 in government schools resumed for the first time since the Covid-19 outbreak in March last year.

“Duties were assigned and directions were issued to all school principles to ensure social distancing and to check that children wear masks while attending school. Attendance is purely on parents’ consent,” said Mohali deputy commissioner Girish Dayalan.

As it was the first day the overall turnout was a bit low but in many primary and middle schools it reached 100%, he added.

Classes 7 at Government High School (GHS) Ramgarh Rurki and Government Senior Secondary School (GSSS) Sahauran had 100% attendance, and at GMSS Kharar classes 5 to 12 had 100% attendance, said Dayalan.

Schools that had zero attendance, however, were GHS Mianpur (class VI), GHS Jayanti Maji (classes 6 to 8), GSSS Mullanpur (classes 6 to 8), GSSS Hasanpur (classes 6 to 8).

GSSS Sohana reported 7.9% and GSSS Sialba Majri reported 9% attendance.

Attendance in high schools, which had opened October 19 last year had improved in the past three weeks by 60% to 70%, Dayalan added.

The Punjab school education department had issued standard operating procedures for reopening of schools on January 6 and said that online education would continue as preferred mode of teaching as physical attendance was not mandatory.

The education department has issued directions to schools to mark seats to ensure a minimum distance of six feet.

Social distancing is also to be maintained in staff rooms, office areas, hostels and other places of public interaction.

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