Youth waylaid, hacked to death near police station

He was going to sign in the register as per his bail condition


J. Ajith alias Mayandi, 23, of Meenatchipuram was hacked to death by an armed gang near Tallakulam police station here on Wednesday. His brother Ranjith, 25, sustained cut injuries in the attack by the gang.

The police said that the deceased was proceeding to the police station to sign in the register as part of his bail condition imposed in a hurt case. The police said that Ajith and Ranjith were walking towards the station on Besant Road, some 200 metres away from the police station, when a few armed men waylaid them and started attacking them with sharp-edged weapons.

While Ranjith fled from the scene with a cut injury on his head, Ajith was surrounded by the assailants. They indiscriminately hacked him and left him dead in a pool of blood, before fleeing from the scene on motorbikes.

The police suspect that one Vignesh Kumar could be behind the gruesome murder. They said that Ajith had recently married a girl. Vignesh, who was enraged over the development, reportedly picked a quarrel with Ajith and Ranjith on May 4. The brothers assaulted him with the knife he was carrying.

Subsequently, Tallakulam police arrested the brothers and they were released on bail by May-end. The brothers were signing in the register at the police station as part of their bail condition.

Tallakulam police are on the lookout for the assailants.

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