Workers to go door-to-door to expose Kejriwal: Tiwari

Aims for 60 out of 70 Assembly seats

BJP’s State president Manoj Tiwari on Friday said after the win in Lok Sabha elections, the target now was to bag 60 of the 70 Delhi Legislative Assembly seats.

“The people of Delhi had rejected the propaganda spread by negative forces and voted in national interest by adopting nationalist ideology and re-electing Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister,” he said.

“Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has not implemented the public welfare schemes of the Centre in Delhi. He did not fulfil what he had promised. BJP workers would go door-to-door and expose Mr. Kejriwal,” he added.

“The people of Delhi will wipeout AAP and the Congress in the Assembly elections. Mr. Kejriwal has disappointed the people of Delhi during the last four -and-a-half 5 years in the name of development,” Mr. Tiwari argued.

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